Team Callen—Who We AreAnd What We're About


Callen Tyson

Resident Superhero is the brainchild of several family members who recognized and responded to our sudden need to centralize, coordinate and disseminate the tremendous outpouring of support for our 4 year-old son / brother / grandson / nephew / cousin / classmate / friend / superhero.

It is a place to help us organize our thoughts and needs, to chronicle Callen’s experiences, to document our family’s journey. It is a place for us to reach out, give back, inform, educate, ask and promote. It is a place of love and celebration. It is a place of beauty and hope.

It is Team Callen, superhero strong!

You want pictures ... we've got pictures!

Here are our 30 most recent photos. To view all of them, visit Team Callen's photo group on Flickr.